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Get your office or any other commercial space cleaned by experienced janitors from Cleaning Solution Services, Inc., Kaukauna, WI. We specialize in providing janitorial and maintenance services. You can also hire us to clean your building's escalator.

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If you're not sure of how much our services will cost you, just ask us for a FREE estimate and we'll tell you exactly how much you'll need to invest.

Extensive janitorial services

  • Commercial buildings

  • Department stores

  • Surgical facilities

  • Offices

  • Industrial facilities

Cleaning Solution Services, Inc. has been serving Kaukauna, WI for over

18 years.

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  • Retail spaces

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Schools

  • Medical facilities

  • Extensive janitorial services

Call us at 920-749-2700 for janitorial services. You can also hire us for our office cleaning services.

Feel free to call us at any time of the year - we'll tailor our services to fit your schedule. We're proud of our fast return call rate, so you can be sure of a quick response!

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